Fr. Gabriel Mary Magdalena (part 2)

This program is the second in a series on the life and writings of Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen. In this conversation Frances and Mark pick up from Fr. Gabriel’s ordination and his early assignment teaching in Belgium and then later in Rome. This is also the time in his life when he discovered his passion for the study and teaching of mysticism and contemplative prayer. Fr. Gabriel was directly involved in the discussion going on in the Church at the turn of the 19th Century regarding the different schools of thought on acquired and infused contemplation. This topic, along with all the elements of mysticism, would become his entire life’s work. His second greatest contribution to the Church is the significant amount of writing and lecturing he did on these important topics, but his single greatest contribution and gift to the Church was simply that of his virtuous life. His greatest form of teaching was serving as a model of charity, patience and unwavering trust in Divine Providence.
Little Catechism of the Life of Prayer by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, OCD

Fr. Gabriel Mary Magdalena

One of the best known teachers in the history of the Carmelite Order is not yet a Saint, but most every member of Carmel is very familiar with his writings. Fr. Gabriel Mary Magdalena is the author of a number of books about both the history of the Order and a number of books on the Saints of Carmel, but he is best known for his works on Carmelite Spirituality and Prayer. Fr. Gabriel lived by a simple motto which he was given early on in his priestly training when he was told that the spiritual life can be summed up in the dual phrase: Do What God Wills – Will What God Does. His most famous work is his four volume collection called Divine Intimacy, which follows the Church calendar and provides deep spiritual insight for every season of the year. This program will begin to introduce you to the life of this great teacher of Carmel, and also provide the context for his significant contribution to the Order as a Teacher, Author and Spiritual Director.
Divine Intimacy Calendar (coordinates one volume book of “Divine Intimacy” with current church calendar)