St. Mary of Jesus Crucified, OCD: Carmel’s Newest Saint and Exemplar of Docility to the Holy Spirit, Pt. 1 of 2

As an Apostle of the Holy Spirit, St. Mary (aka Mariam, the little Arab) of Jesus Crucified shows us how, through the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience, in the foundation of humility, one grows ever more docile to the Holy Spirit. In the trajectory of her life, she crossed boundaries of all kinds to include various countries, cultures, faith traditions and families, in addition to crossing the ordinary and the extraordinary of the natural and supernatural worlds. She is a sign of hope and support as well as a bridge between the two lungs of the Church in the East and the West. She is a compass pointing out the direction to the heart of God. How can we imitate her? What words of wisdom does this giant of the mystical life have for us? How is she a “light on our path?”
St. Mary of Jesus Crucified, OCD: Carmel’s Newest Saint and Exemplar of Docility to the Holy Spirit, Pt. 1 of 2

Book:  Mariam: the Little Arab by Amedee Brunot, S.C.J; Translated by Jeanne Dumais, OCDS and Sister Miriam of Jesus, OCD, Carmel of Maria Regina, Eugene, Oregon

Book: Thoughts: Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified by Reverend D. Buzy, SCJ; Carmel of Bethlehem, 1997

Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified part 2

In this second program on the two part series of Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified, Mark and Frances explore in even greater detail what it is that makes this Carmelite such a wonderful model of holiness. In addition, they discuss the terribly important role she has played, is playing and can play in the future of Christian and Muslim relations, especially in the Middle East. Blessed Mary of Jesus’ life is a model of obedience, prayer, sacrifice and even suffering; but in that context, and because of her own unique background, she can serve as a powerful intercessor for the problems currently facing the Middle East and the world. Indeed, she was identified as far back as 1934 as the Patron for an organization, sanctioned by the Church, and dedicated to praying for relationships between Muslims and Christians. Listen and hear this remarkable story, and then join us in praying for peace.

Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified part 1

Sometimes it happens that the life of a particular Saint is lesser known for a time, only so that when the Church finally acknowledges them, their life can have the full impact that God intended. Such is likely the case with a Carmelite Blessed name Mary of Jesus Crucified, whose cause for Canonization is currently being considered. There are many things about Mariam Baouardy’s that are very instructive for us as Christians. In this first of a two part series, Mark and Frances explore the remarkable life of this lesser known Blessed from Carmel. She was blessed with many spiritual graces, including the stigmata of Christ, the gift of levitation, ecstasies, the ability to read hearts, transverberation of the heart among others. Listen to the incredible story of her life, and then tune in to the following program to hear the real significance of her cause for canonization.

Tammy Jetton

In this particular program Frances invites Tammy Jetton to discuss Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified. Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified was noted for her exceptional humility, simplicity and candor as well as her intense devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, and great love for the Church and the Pope. She encountered and overcame many obstacles and adversities in her life. She was a child of Galilee, Palestine and raised in the Melkite Greek-Catholic Rite. Orphaned at age 3 and living on her own by age 13, she trusted in God and responded favorably to the Holy Spirit throughout her life. She had an extraordinary life and was a mystic and victim soul gifted with numerous supernatural charisms: ecstasies, locutions, levitations, stigmata, bilocation, prophecy and more. She reveals and affirms the transcendence of the Love of God, the activity of the Holy Spirit in the Church, and the reality of the supernatural world. By her example, we can deepen our own faith and gain contemplative insight into the value of the daily trials and crosses we bear in life in growing in union with God. Let us invoke her for peace in the Holy Land.