St. Teresa of the Andes part 3

During this program Mark and Frances delve into the ‘Spiritual Diary’ which St. Teresa of the Andes kept from the age of 16. Along with her letters, this Diary represents the clearest picture we have of this young Saints interior life. It reveals both the great graces the Lord bestowed on her, but also the many trials and challenges she faced on her path to holiness. The Diary of St. Teresa of the Andes is a very revealing portrait of the path to holiness and the remarkable blessings our Lord chooses to share with those who truly seek to do His will.

St. Teresa of the Andes part 2

This particular program is the second in the series on St. Teresa of the Andes. During this conversation, Mark and Frances explore what it was that made this young Chilean Carmelite so significant so quickly. They discuss some of the miracles associated with her and also spectacular events that began to happen right after her death. They also explore her great patronage to young people, to the work of the new evangelization and to the virtue of Joy. St. Teresa of the Andes is certainly a powerful Saint for our time.

St. Teresa of the Andes part 1

This particular program is a conversation on one of the lesser known, but very important Carmelite Saints, St. Teresa of the Andes. In this conversation Mark and Frances discuss the earthly life of this wonderful Saint. St. Teresa of the Andes, who died in 1919 at the age of 19, is a model for young people. Her remarkable, although short, life, is a testament to how our young people today can begin to develop an intimate relationship with our Lord. Though she came from wealth, and had the benefit of a good Catholic family and education, St. Teresa’s life was not without pain and trial. Her dark times, however, only served to deepen both her relationship and love for the Lord. John Paul II said of her, “The secret of her perfection could be none other than love, a great love for Christ, and a filial love for the Virgin Mary.” She is truely a Saint for our time.