Fifteen Days of Prayer with Blessed Fr. Marie-Eugene and the Child Jesus (part 1)

If you have ever wondered whether there were different stages of development in our prayer life, and if yes, what those stages might be, then this will be a very beneficial conversation to listen in on. Mark and Frances discuss a book entitled “Fifteen Days of Prayer, with Fr. Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus.” Fr. Marie-Eugene was a French Carmelite priest who died in 1963 and was beatified by the Church in November of 2016. In this brief but powerful little book, the authors, who knew Fr. Marie-Eugene personally, and were members of his Secular Institute, Notre Dame du Vie, draw broadly from Father’s own writings, both published and unpublished, to help the reader understand the stages of progression in prayer. In this first of two conversations, Mark and Frances go through the first 7 stages, discussing such topics as the presence of God, our need to make a full commitment to prayer, how all the various elements of our human nature must participate and be perfected in prayer. One of the more important aspects of this conversation, and of Fr. Marie-Eugene’s teaching, is on the role of the Holy Spirit, both in our prayer life as well as our daily activities. If you are looking for very comprehensive and insightful guide to the full life of prayer, there are very relatively few contemporary authors who can provide as much wisdom and help as Blessed Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus.

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“Fifteen Days of Prayer with Father Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus, Carmelite, Founder of Notre-Dame de Vie” by Roselyne Deglaire and Joelle Guichard; St. Paul’s.

“I Want to See God; I Am a Daughter of the Church: A Practical Synthesis of Carmelite Spirituality” by P. Marie Eugene, OCD; Christian Classics.